Sticky cell problems. Solved!

QSolTM Buffer keeps things moving smoothly.

QSol Buffer delivers:

  • Flexibility in sample selection by reducing carryover and protein buildup
  • Better data resulting from more robust/ more consistent sampling
  • Faster time to results from a streamlined workflow
  • Convenience of ready-to-use cartridges and cost saving concentrate
  • Compatibility with MultiCyt® Reagents

A user conducted a no-wash QBeads screen with both standard buffer and QSol Buffer on concentrated samples in 68 X 384 well plates, leading to bead carryover when standard buffer was used. QSol Buffer reduced this bead carryover.

A user conducted a PBMC (7-day no-wash) assay profiling 20 different donors, each in a 96-well plate. When standard buffer was used, build-up occurred and caused abnormalities during sampling. When QSol Buffer was used, build-up was reduced and sampling abnormalities decreased by 73%.

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