Introducing the QMaxTM Refill Module

Enhance your workflow flexibility by extending hands-off runtime of the
iQue® Screener PLUS.

The QMax Refill Module manages onboard fluid levels, throughout the day…and beyond.

  • "Hot-swap" sheath and waste while the instrument is running so you never have to stop an experiment.
  • Monitor system status at-a-glance from across the laboratory with color coded indicators: full, empty, or errors.
  • Accelerate your discovery by running more plates and enabling longer sampling times.



The QMax Refill Module is designed to fit your laboratory.

  • The user-installable QMax sets up in minutes.
  • The compact design conserves precious laboratory space.


Seize the day! Special pricing is available through March 2017.

Fill out this form to have your local representative contact you about the QMax Refill Module and this limited-time offer:

QMax Refill Module "smart sensing" capability:

  • Maintains onboard sheath and waste levels.
  • Senses fluid levels onboard and in the 20L QMax Refill Module carboys.
  • Pauses the system when carboys are empty/full, or if errors are detected.
  • Refills onboard sheath/waste bottles from 20L QMax Refill Module carboys.
  • Eliminates the need to debubble!

 “Ran a 39-plate experiment this week, the iQue happily chugged away at it for 22 hours, without any issues."

- Customer Tester     

“In our testing we found that the iQue Screener PLUS with the QMax Refill Module runs in excess of 48 hours without needing to be refilled."

- IntelliCyt Tester     

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QMax Refill Module for iQue Screener PLUS
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