Introducing Cy-CloneTM PLUS

Quickly rank cell line clones with more relevant data from a single assay.

Cy-Clone PLUS is the only solution that correlates IgG quantitation per cell with cell health readouts and cell density in a single, cost-effective assay that can migrate through your workflow from screening to scale up. Now, you can make the best decisions earlier in the process as well as every step of the way.

Run Cy-Clone PLUS on the iQue® Screener PLUS for The IntelliCyt Advantage:

  • More answers in less time
  • More data from less sample
  • More user friendly
  • More cost savings
  • More insight for better decisions
  • More answers in less time

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“IgG titer per cell will help me rank clones by their productivity. This measurement is far more accurate than confluency correlated to IgG titer because confluency is not an accurate estimate for cell number."

- Scientist from a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Balancing IgG concentration, cell density, IgG quantitation per cell, and cell viability are crucial to selecting the optimal clones. Unfortunately standard processes are unable to provide this correlated information in a single assay.

Ordering Information
91142 Cy-Clone PLUS Kit 1 x 384
91143 Cy-Clone PLUS Kit 5 x 384
91144 Cy-Clone PLUS Kit 20 x 384
91145 Cy-Clone PLUS Kit 50 x 384

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