ForeCyt Software Workflow

Introducing ForeCyt Software's Panorama

The ONLY way to compare and analyze ALL plates from your experiment in ONE view.

  • Compare heat maps across a campaign. 
  • Identify wells of interest across the experiment.
  • Rank wells across experiment by any metric. 

Compare all heat maps across your experiment to identify patterns, monitor trends and evaluate potential sources of variability such as edge, timing and growth effects

Identify desired wells of interest by combining multiple user defined criteria using Boolean logic across your experiment. Change thresholds and see results in real-time

Rank wells by a specified metric by developing line graphs and compare them with line graphs from other metrics to make more informed decisions.

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Download the demo version to experience the unique features of ForeCyt, in an interactive environment.

Download this poster to learn how the Panorama algorithm with its multiple plate analysis and visualization ability enables:

  • Comparing key metrics across multiple plates
  • Identifying hits across the experiment
  • Ranking hits by correlating multiple assay outcomes